Rail steel Crane in viet nam

We are a steel crane supplier in Vietnam – Thanh Dat Phat Steel Import-Export Co., Ltd

Steel rail crane Made from China, Eu, Taiwan, Japan…

There are many types of crane rail

  • Rails Steel  QU70 QU80 QU100 QU120
  • Rails steel A55 A65 A75 A100 A120

Steel rail specifications

Rails Steel A100 A120 standard Crane rail DIN 536  Grade 900A

Crane rail is used for crane trolley, lifting trolley and port running crane, we also can supply the whole workable fasteners, such as weld rail clamp and rubber pad etc.

Rails Steel  QU70 QU80 QU100 QU120  Grade Steel 71Mn/50Mn


Standard: YB/T5055-93
Size Dimension(mm) Weight
Material Length (m)
Head(mm) Height(mm) Bottom(mm) Web(mm)
QU 70 70 120 120 28 52.8 U71Mn 12
QU 80 80 130 130 32 63.69 U71Mn 12
QU 100 100 150 150 38 88.96 U71Mn 12
QU 120 120 170 170 44 118.1 U71Mn 12

Where to buy quality steel crane crane quality


Address: 316/2 Tu Van Phuoc, KP1B, P An Phu, Thuan An Town, BD

Office of Education: 131/12/6 TCH18, KP8, Phường TCH, District 12, HCMC

Email: thepthanhdatphat@gmail.com

Hotline: +84 0917 676 383 / +84 028 3889 1368

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